Frequently Asked Qustions



Further down we have gathered a number of questions, that crews interested in chartering a yacht, frequently ask us:

1. Where is Samosail Located?

SamoSail is Iocated at Samos marina next to Pythagorio village at the island of Samos in Greece. Samos Island is one of the bigest and well known destinations, for many sailors, sailing Greece and the Mediterannean.


2. Why should i charter from Samosail?
Samosail was established in 1995 and is situated among the best yacht charter companies of Mid Eastern Aegean territory. Our company is registered under the Hellenic Republic authorities of Samos Island. 

Our company and yachts, as they are owned by Samosail, are subject to several strict annual inspections by the appropriate Hellenic authorities and since 1995 we comply fully with all Hellenic & European Union naval and safety regulations.

Annual Inspections of our yachts include,  liferafts, radio communication, hull, shaft, life vests, emergency equipment, fire extinguishers e.t.c. 

3. What kind of sailing license and experience should i have to charter a yacht?
Sailind licenses differ from country to country. We need skippers to be qualified to navigate sail yachts, both coastal and open sea, operate radiocommunication & charts. Also must have an adequate sailing experience in all previous.


4. What time will i check in the yacht?

The charter contract states that you will aboard the yacht on 18.00p.m., but almost all of our crews check in yachts at 13.00p.m. We need this time to clean, service and inspect thoroughly the yacht after returning from a yacht charter, and be sure that we minimize all possibilities that a problem occurs during your charter.


5. What time will i check out the yacht?

Our crews check out from yachts at 08.00a.m.


6. Where are supermarkets, banks located at your base?

Only 20 metres from our yachts is the supermarket of the marina


7. Are there any extra costs that i must pay, after i check out the yacht?

You will check in the yacht with full watertank and full diesel tank. We require that you deliver us back the yacht with full diesel tank.


8. How far is the airport from the base?

Only five minutes away by taxi!!


9. How do i book a yacht?

Contact us by email at samosail@otenet.gr or by phone & fax at 00302273061739, to inform us about:

i)crew number  ii)bareboat or skippered charter iii)period you are interested to charter one of our yachts we will answer you with all available yachts, price per week and all inclusive equipment


10. Can i visit Turkey with a Samosail yacht?

Yes, it is very simple as our yachts have "international paper logs". There are some procedures you must follow and we can explain them to you thoroughly after sending your request at samosail@otenet.gr


11. What are the weather conditions during summer time at Samos & Dodecanesse territory?

Prevailing wind during summer time in all Aegean territory is North East wind blowing from 08.30a.m. to 13.00p.m. From 13.00p.m. to 18.00p.m. the wind direction turns to North West and tension all day is at 5 to 6 beaufort.

During check in, we will explain you thoroughly where to harbor safe at each island and also inform you with sms for the weather of the following day.


12. How can i have the yacht refrigerator operating while motor is not running?

You turn on the refrigerator switch only when you operate the motor to charge the yacht  batteries or cruise by motor. When engine is not operating you turn off the refrigerator switch, but before you departure from Pythagorio harbor we have already placed a large block of ice (not ice cubes) in the refrigerator. This block of ice if you operate two hours per day the motor and so turn the refrigerator switch on, will last for at least one week at enviromental temperature above 35c and at least two weeks at enviromental temperature below 35c.


13. Can i easily find water to refill my tanks at the other islands?

Yes, from Samos to Kos Island (60 miles) you can refill water in between from Patmos, Lipsi, Leros, Kalymnos & Kos Island


14. Can i stay on anchor instead of back stern docking at harbors?
Of course! Many skippers that have few experience of back stern mooring in harbors, prefer not to take the chance and damage the yacht by trying to harbor it if they do not feel confident, or if it is overcrowded by other yachts. 

Staying on anchor with our yachts is even safer as all of our yachts have DELTA TYPE anchors from 18kg to 22kg, which are very strong and "adapt" easily to different type of sea bottoms in Aegean sea, 

During check in, we will explain you thoroughly where to stay on anchor safe at each island and also inform you with sms for the weather of the following day.

15. How can i charge my mobile or other devices?
By 12v cigarette lighter adaptor (the same you use at your car), or 220v when you visit a local taverna for lunch or dinner, there is no problem to charge it at a plug in the taverna.


16. Will we have hot water on board?

Of course! When operating the motor, the water is heated automatically and so you do not have to remember to switch on any water heater switches.


17. Will i be explained thoroughly all of yacht functions?

Of course! We sail all the time with our yachts and we know exactly what to mention you. Check in with a Samosail staff member takes around 1.30 hours. We want you to leave from Pythagorio harbor and feel confident that you have checked and been explained from us everything.


18. Can i pay with credit card?

Of course! But there is an extra charge of 3%. If you pay by bank wire transfer, there is no extra charge.


19. Can i hire a skipper from Samosail?

Of course! We guarantee that we will locate for you an experienced and "easy going" skipper.