Samos Greece

Samos Island Home Base


We have gathered for you several information of how to rech Samos Island, but due to changes it always better to consult your local travel agent for tickets and flights.

Direct flights from European Cities

Several European airlines have also direct flights to Samos from different European cities. Some of the airlines operate together with different tour operators/travel agencies that offer charter flights. Below is a list of some of these airlines and tour operators/travel agencies:

  • Air Berlin have direct flights to Samos from various cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England
  • Thomson Fly offer flights and accommodations. The flights are every Wednesday from Manchester airport and London Gatwick airport.


  • Novair together with Apollo offer charter flights to Samos from Gothenburg Landvetter airport (every Thursday) and Stockholm Arlanda airport (every Friday).


  • Adria Airways together with Intelekta offer flights from Slovenia. Stuttgart and from Wien every Wednesday.


  • Lauda Air have direct flights every Thursday from Wien to Samos. There are also weekly flights to Samos from Salzburg and Graz but they are available only through travel agencies.


  • Jetairfly have direct flights from Brussels to Samos every Thursday


  • Transavia have direct flights from Amsterdam to Samos but should be booked through travel agencies.


  • Finnmatkat offers flights and accommodation from Finland to Samos.


  • Apollo air company also offers direct charter flights from Denmark to Greece. They depart from Billund airport and from Kopenhagen airport. The Danish website of Apollo is


Domestic Flights from Athens & Thessaloniki from Olympic Air and Astra airlines.


Samos Island is one of the most famous islands of the Aegean. Sail Yacht Charter Samos Island is a popular island getaway in the Aegean Sea province. It hosts many visitors, creating a charming vacation destination. The island possesses all characteristics of a traditional North Aegean Island; lots of forests,tall mountains, cobblestone alleyways, hundreds of churches and windmills, water falls. Along the coast of Samos Island there are several wonderful sandy beaches and secluded coves that are ideal for endless hours of swimming and sunbathing.Yacht charter When night falls, the island is transformed into a nightlife hotspot that offers entertainment till sun up.


Samos marina in Samos Island is Samosail home base, it is located at the magnificent Pythagorio town as seen in map above . Pythagorio has a population of approximately 1.100 people and a harbor that has a capacity of approximately 35 yachts. An extremely graphical town with a lot of night life in summer season.

Samos airport is 5 minutes away by taxi from Samos marina with a capacity 264 yachts.


 Pythagorio yacht charter Samos is a magnificent, Greek island, village that offers all kind of entertainment for visitors. Restaurants, tavernas, graphical small alleys, large mainstreets, with souvenir shops supermarkets car motorbike rentals and during night hours, several clubs playing Greek or foreign music

Chartering a yacht from Samos means that once your flight arrives to Samos, you have only a 5 minutes distance to arrive at your yacht. Samos airport is located only 3 km away from our two bases and so you can arrive at your yacht by rent a car from the airport or picking a taxi from the taxi station which is exactly outside the arrivals gate Samos Island is connected with several direct flights from many European cities but also lots of domestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki. For more information about which companies arrive directly to Samos airport please contact your local travel agent.
Travel to Samos Island by ferry  

You can also reach Samos by ferry from Athens (disadvantage is a 10 hour journey, unless you like cruises) from Kusadasi Turkey after arriving at Izmir airport and Patmos or Kalymnos Island

From Athens: - Official website  
From Kalymnos: - Travel agency on Samos
From Kusadasi: - Travel agency on Samos
From Kos : - Official website




If you arrive by ferry from Athens then you will reach Samos city which is 12 kilometeres away from our base

Distances by taxi or rent a car:

From Samos Town to Samos marina: 12km

From Samos airport to Samos marina: 3km